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For those who want details, there's plenty below, for those who don't just check out the photos and the bold print and you'll have a general idea of the gist of this page.

Everyone believes in, and experiences daily, what most define as God by whatever name(s), or non believers and agnostics would term intelligence, life, honesty, integrity, compassion and consciousness through the existence of life.  

This website proposes to apply the commonalities of all, manifested generically through life, truth and love, to politics, commerce, theology, secular ethics and culture. The goal being a realistic paradigm for peace over violence in a practical way by leveraging the best in human nature rather than  exploiting the worst. Our goal is to leverage with the commonalities we all share 
for individual responsibility, self determination, integrity, compassion and common sense for mutual benefit; versus exploiting the differences with the "us against them" model that is today, and has been throughout history, so destructive. We propose to do this in a way which creates tangible opportunities raising the quality of life in the near term and throughout the world eventually.  

In light of our claim to, as much as is possible and practical, benefit all involved and find one's own success in the success of others, we are requesting those who are interested to submit designs for our tee shirts, as shown on our Purchases, Funding page. We will contract to pay 10% of our sale price, not including tax or shipping, to the designer on each sold with their design. The design must be within keeping the principles we are basing this sight on. Only One has sole right(s) and control of what we choose and copyright, however the contract will last in perpetuity for as long as it is marketed and sold on this site. This could be an ideal opportunity for young artists to contribute to an education fund, or any other party to help with their needs.   OOR.c will also contribute a portion of each sale to legitimate, vetted foundations and charities, especially those helping veterans and children along with all entities contributing to making lives better throughout the world.     

Only One Realm; the realm of infinite, physically intangible, consciousness. The quintessence of the eternal, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient principle(s) of Truth, Life and Love in which we all do, always have, and always will exist as individual ideas of the Prime Principle, or the "lawgiver" per Albert Einstein, of those three principles. This site presents the empirical evidence in every living person's everyday life, whether 
believer, agnostic or atheist,of the source of intelligence, creation, sustenance and universal existence. Of course each individual chooses for themselves whether to accept it, reject it, or research it further. 
The purpose of this website is to spread an underlying principle, hopefully throughout the world, from the thoughts and actions of each individual uniting with those of like mind through a growing and ongoing network. A single idea coming out of the dark and into the light as it grows into many creative ideas based on, staying true to, and not diluting, that same basic root system, or Principle, of Only One

This site is about bringing this doctrine into practice, including government and commerce, by uniting those who agree with the tenets, on which it is based, and especially those who have experienced the power of them, or would like to learn how, from others' real time experiences. We are purposely not endorsing, or criticizing  any of the myriad labels or terms commonly used to describe these principles throughout history. We are not exploiting the differences, but rather those concepts in which we all can agree. We will quote from many sources without prejudice. These principles have been espoused through theology, mythology, philosophy,science, politics, secular ethics, morals and cultural behavioral beliefs and rituals from the beginning of recorded history. 

Excerpts from Albert Einstein regarding the laws of nature and the "lawgiver."  Laws are based on principles.

In his 1949 book The World as I See It, he wrote: "A knowledge of the existence of something we cannot penetrate, of the manifestations of the profoundest reason and the most radiant beauty, which are only accessible to our reason in their most elementary forms—it is this knowledge and this emotion that constitute the truly religious attitude; in this sense, and in this alone, I am a deeply religious man."[37]

Einstein referred to his belief system as "cosmic religion" and authored an eponymous article on the subject in 1954, which later became his book Ideas and Opinions in 1955.[38] The belief system recognized a "miraculous order which manifests itself in all of nature as well as in the world of ideas," devoid of a personal God who rewards and punishes individuals based on their behavior. It rejected a conflict between science and religion, and held that cosmic religion was necessary for science.[38] He told William Hermanns in an interview that "God is a mystery. But a comprehensible mystery. I have nothing but awe when I observe the laws of nature. There are not laws without a lawgiver, but how does this lawgiver look? Certainly not like a man magnified."[39] He added with a smile "some centuries ago I would have been burned or hanged. Nonetheless, I would have been in good company."

Even in Darwin's evolutionary concept of creation he credits "natural selection" as the source which discerns needed future modification for survival. For a selection to occur there has to be a discerning intelligence, especially over millions, or billions of years, to comprehend what the elements are to make the proper decisions needed for the selection(s), in "natural selection." 

In addition to the root or principle needed to expand the single idea out of the dark into the light of many creative ideas, the clouds or obstructions of the light must be dissolved through understanding and demonstration. Just as the flower needs the light to grow, blossom and bloom so do we need the light of Truth, Life and Love to grow, blossom and bloom. Unfortunately we create our own clouds by accepting our own and others thoughts and ideas of doubts, fear and false justification when harming ourselves or others while indulging in those self interests or "pleasures" which are destructive. 

As we understand a principle, such as mathematics, we can no longer be mislead or mistaken on the answers to the problems being presented. i.e. If those we really trust, such as parents when we're children, tell us 2+2=5 from one and 2+2=7 from another, without understanding we have to rely on blind faith to determine, in a purely subjective way, which answer we will believe. Once we comprehend the principle we can work out the problem for ourselves, and have absolute proof of the correct answer which results in a solid non variable conviction. The conviction may be labeled in many ways; 2+2=4, 2+2=4/1, or = 400/100, 2.0+2.0= 8/2 etc., but regardless of how many ways the answer [conviction] may be named or expressed the underlying principle is the same and ultimately equals the same result.

The principles of mathematics exist without matter, and always have. It can be manifested in material results through matter, but is in no way dependent on or changed by it. The perceptions of matter, energy, motion and force are based on the purely metaphysical foundation of mathematics through physics. Man did not invent the principles of mathematics, they have existed from eternity, man discovered it, and still is as 
ignorance is replaced by comprehension through demonstration. 

By relying on the principle, and not the subjective opinions of the perspectives of others, all can realize without doubt or fear, the universal truths we all share and experience. The clouds that must be dispersed by the light of Truth, Life and Love are those of personal sense or ego which asserts we all exists as competitive individual "mini gods" through acceptance of limitation.

In temporal existence we create our own opinions and convictions based on individual wants, perceived needs, and lusts, with little or no regard for others when they seem to be an obstruction to what we rationalize or justify as our 
fulfillment, usually through fear, pride, or adamant selfishness, regardless of the harm it may do. Karma, we reap what we sow, every action has a reaction are all universal, and all who are honest with themselves can through introspection witness that law as they recount their own lives. Moral laws are not subject to time constraints and reaction can occur almost immediately, or many years after an initial action, and be quite severe if correction and recompense haven't taken place in consciousness and material temporal existence in the interim. 

A macro example of the previous statement in temporal terms would be history, which if studied without the filters of political editing and manipulation can be seen repeating itself over and over.
As certain groups realized their commonalities and worked for mutual benefit with positive competition leveraged to improve quality they flourished. As enrichment and empowerment grew altruism became diluted with self aggrandizement and  the negative "us against them" model, leveraged to destroy the competition and consolidate rather than improve quality. As the egocentric model became dominant the downward spiral began as a result.  We can see how the positive times of cultural advancement were sabotaged until power became too concentrated and centralized leading back to feudalism and usually mutual destruction. As the competing parties weakened each other and by extension, their common defense alliances and interior law enforcement, they either imploded or were over run by outside forces.    

We propose to create and grow a worldwide organization through a different paradigm in how we all perceive commerce, politics and theology. Its' genesis will be from the ground up through a power we all know and experience, but label differently, resulting in individual prosperity and self determination by finding those results in helping others to find theirs. The organizational structure and goals are on the Organization Goals button on this site. 
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