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For those who want details, there's plenty below, for those who don't just check out the photos and the bold print and you'll have a general idea of the gist of this page.

None of the below is about me personally having any ability everyone else doesn't have, we all have it within our own consciousness. It is about the Infinite Principle we are all ideas of and exist in. We only have to adhere to it as we do any other principle or law, such as mathematics, to experience the correct results. Just as addition and subtraction are absolute in math; truth, life and love are absolute in the One Realm of infinite consciousness. Those who consider themselves atheist, or agnostics, still believe in and experience daily the principles of God, they simply use different terms; such as integrity, compassion, consciousness and life.

The same principles of truth, life and love which are the manifestation of the God principle, which no human body is self animated without, cannot be quantified within the limits of the physical sciences. Like a cloud obscures the sun, so temporal belief and false conviction obscures the light of understanding actual existence. If consciousness were simply electrical and chemical energy, science could electrically charge and chemically inject cadavers back to life, like plugging a computer in and turning it on. It is an infinite eternal metaphysical realm of which physical energy and matter are only temporal and subjective manifestations of illusory convictions. Atheist experience the above in ethics, love or compassion, integrity and consciousness, but obviously don't acknowledge these everyday realities as manifestations of God. As mentioned, on Organization Goals, the labels have no bearing on the Principle itself.  

The below are practical real life demonstrations of the power of perceiving that which we all know but cannot perceive with the physical senses. We only see the manifestations of changing our perception from that of seeing with the eyes to that of discerning the quintessence of infinite consciousness, commonly referred to as the above virtues by “nonbelievers” and God by most believers. It is the pure realm of Spirit, or the pure principle of the mental conceptualization of love, in which we all exist. The source and seat of life in all sentient forms of life is intangible consciousness, once it is no longer perceived in the life form the life form becomes lifeless and degrades.

In 1967-1968 I came home to our family residence in Costa Mesa, CA and as soon as I came in I noticed the sliding glass door leading to the pool in the back yard was open about 12”. I knew my younger sister was babysitting our 10 month old nephew so I immediately went looking for the baby because I knew he loved the pool. I called down the hall to see if my sister would answer and confirm she had the baby, there was no answer so I immediately went out the door to the pool’s edge.

I saw the baby on the bottom of the pool and automatically dived in, grabbed him and brought him out. As soon as I was out of the pool I started yelling very loud for my sister, she heard me and as soon as she was in sight I told her to run next door and bring our neighbor, who was an RN, over and call the Police or Fire Dept emergency. The neighbor came over and went straight to the baby, I called my dad and he called someone from our church, whom we had previous experience with in successful prayer, and started praying to know God was omnipotent and all things were possible to God.

Concentrating to accept and know those truths over the evidence of the temporal reality, which we seemed to be experiencing at that moment of the opposite. That opposite is the false conviction that innocence could suffer or be taken by accident or negligence and claiming that God’s omnipresence and power to care for the baby were somehow not present. We consciously witnessed the omnipresence and omnipotence of God by not reacting to fear, and holding to calm and exalted thought based on love. There is always a choice to accept popular temporal belief, and not fight it, or control fear and doubt and stand up to it; cancer survivors do it all of the time. They overcome it in the same way the prophets of the Old Testament, Jesus and his disciples in the New Testament of the King James Bible, and “Holy” men and women have been doing throughout history in all cultures worldwide, as well as my personal experiences since early childhood, though none so dramatic.

The baby was pronounced dead at the scene, but taken in an ambulance to the hospital for confirmation and review by a qualified MD. At the hospital the baby revived, which could not be medically explained because of the time that had passed, and the local newspaper printed a story the next day on the first “miracle” to occur at the new Costa Mesa Memorial Hospital.

Throughout my life many demonstrations, probably thousands over the years if all of the trivial distractions and annoyances of daily life overcome on a daily basis are included, of what would be called “miracles” or reversals of negative outcomes to positive outcomes. Most could be disputed by skeptics as luck or fate or random odds or some other term for intangible causality. However many of the demonstrations, showed a harmony of elements beyond the control of any temporal or physical person, at least according to physics, science and probability, and cannot be explained.

Some of the less explainable and/or unexplained demonstrations of the omnipotence of the principles of truth, love and life or universal divine consciousness, are as follows;

A complete recovery from hepatitis in three days, complete recovery for well over 35 years  now, from addiction to tobacco, heroin, alcohol, other assorted controlled substances, including methamphetamine, cocaine, depressants and more. All of the cited recoveries exclusively resulted from prayer alone.

Removal of a child from parental control, due to gross negligence, in a county and in circumstances where all legal counsel said it was very doubtful and they knew of very few or no precedents up to that time, not only for removal from parental control, but adoption, based on the legally acceptable evidence we had available. We successfully completed the adoption, and reconciliation between us and the natural parents. She grew up to be a very successful and accomplished adult.

The daughter we adopted at 3 years old, completely recovering from childhood illnesses including chicken pox and scarlatina, a mild form of scarlet fever, usually experienced by young children, within 3 days, the time my wife at that time, and I agreed to give me for demonstration through prayer, before seeking medical care on non emergencies. The Dr. confirmed description of the few remnants of the symptoms, which convinced her that her diagnosis was correct, the remnants also disappeared completely within a day or two.

My second daughter’s birth, the first born to me and my wife after the adoption, was officially recorded as a miracle at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, CA.

After 48 hours of labor, and no dilatation from 2 cm, the OB-GYN strongly recommended my wife come into the hospital labor room so they could induce birth if he felt it necessary. Several hours after arrival the Dr. finally said he was going to manually break her water and induce, as she was still at 2cm and needed to be at 10cm, which typically takes many hours or days from 2cm to 10cm, on first births especially. Her "water," had not even broken. The Dr. proceeded to have a fetal monitor strapped on my wife to keep track of the baby’s heartbeat as he proceeded with a procedure to break the “water,” or embryonic fluid, to help induce final birth.  Right after he broke the “water” the fetal monitor warning alarm went off because the baby’s heart had stopped. The Dr. and staff immediately went into emergency mode, to set up the O.R. (Operating Room) “stat,” and called for the young OB-GYN’s partner for an emergency cesarean. I heard all of the aforementioned just before they moved me to the waiting room from the labor room.

I became very fearful, the kind of fear you feel when you feel you’re about to be involved in an auto accident and realize you may not live, or you find out someone very close to you may have passed on. I went immediately to the phone and called someone I worked with for support from prior demonstrations in prayer, to work with me on the seemingly dire circumstances. She simply said “God is all” and told me to let only that thought in my mind.  The entire time from the time of the heart stopping to me returning to the waiting room was maybe 3 minutes.

Upon returning to the waiting room I concentrated only on; God is all, and allowed no other thought or fear to distract me. Within maybe a minute the fear I was feeling seemed to just fall from the top of my head down my body to the ground and I was completely at peace. Almost instantly a nurse came in and said I needed to put a gown and mask on because the Dr. wanted me in the room when the baby was delivered. The nurse said my wife started dilating before they could even set up the O.R. so the baby started coming out and the heart started beating. They had to rush my wife into the delivery room to catch the baby in time and the Dr. wanted me in the room for the birth. He handed me a beautiful baby girl within minutes of entering the delivery room. She has since given me two beautiful grandchildren.

When we had first arrived at the hospital the Dr. knew from my wife that I relied on prayer, and gave me a stern warning not to interfere in any way with any procedure he decided was necessary for a successful birth. He had told my wife he was an agnostic. After the birth my wife told me the doctor came in to see her and the baby in her room and said the birth was officially recorded as a miracle by the hospital.

Being led to take successful steps to remove my father-in-law, at the time, from a hospital in Pomona Valley CA against the strong objections of the doctors at that facility who were about to proceed with neurological surgery to remove a probable brain tumor with a high probability, over 50%, of what would be termed in slang as “becoming a vegetable” and another gastrointestinal surgeon was convinced cancer had spread throughout his gastrointestinal systems. We transferred him to UCLA Medical Center and they found his seeming stroke or semi conscious condition was due to an infection that had worked its’ way to his brain from an old dental surgery.

I called someone for support in my prayers to know he was perfect as an image and likeness of God. UCLA Medical Center treated the infection with antibiotics and he was released, with no neurological damage whatsoever, within two weeks. The same method of prayer or knowing the Truth versus popular belief and fear had been witnessed by me, another friend of like mind, and those of his family who could accept prayer as an actual treatment and the power behind it as real.

One night somewhere between midnight and approximately 2:00 AM my first wife and I received a call from one of her sisters. Her sister was very upset; their youngest sister, at 15 years old, had gone on a drinking binge without eating for several days and was in the hospital in a coma from alcohol poisoning and not expected to recover from the coma or survive the night. I called no one and told my wife to remember some of the things she had witnessed in our life. I then concentrated on knowing that God loved my young sister-in-law, is Life, is omnipotent and omnipresent and cannot be affected by the temporal belief of a drug, such as alcohol, overcoming that omnipotence. We found the next day she had awakened in the night and had no permanent damage. She later was married and had a son.

I received a call from one of my daughters asking for help because a family member was in the hospital and not expected to make the night without passing because of liver damage and the non availability of a viable transplant in time. By knowing the Truth and accepting the power of that which is unseen, but we all experience daily, the realm of the consciousness of Truth, Life and Love and the omnipotence of the perfection of the actual substance of the idea which each of us exist as, in that universal consciousness, the negative assumption reversed dramatically. Within 1 to 2 hours I received a call from the family member’s mother, I was told the Dr. had come in to make his rounds and found the liver had inexplicably started to regenerate itself. Our patient was released within days.                  

This same family member approximately two years later, due to prior causes not yet personally handled, came back to the hospital. This time pneumonia with complete collapse of the lungs, as well as kidney failure and liver problems again were so severe her parents were asked to sign a do not resuscitate (DNR) order. They had resuscitated her twice, and she was not expected to revive from a drug induced coma needed to attach her to a rotating bed to keep the fluid in the lungs from drowning her. She was on a breathing machine, which punctured her lungs, we saw the x-rays, kidney and liver equipment and intravenous feeding and hydration. 

We spoke to a second opinion doctor when the parents decided to rescind the DNR. Her father said to the Dr. "if the Lord was going to take her she wouldn’t still be with us," and I said we were depending on another dimension for healing, the doctor, who appeared to be East Indian, said “you mean God; He’s proven me wrong hundreds of times.”

Doctors of the higher echelons are very intelligent people, as proven by their ability to become a doctor and the successes they have had to become recognized at the level they achieve. They are neither superstitious, nor unable to explain very rationally and with expertise those things they witness in their careers.                         

With prayer from several sources, not only did she recover from the coma, she had a complete recovery and was released within weeks. The hospital; Hoag of Irvine, CA, wrote an article about her in their newsletter calling her “the miracle girl.”  Her lungs, liver and kidneys regenerated and she recovered.

My second wife was told by an OB-GYN, after several miscarriages she experienced and a subsequent examination; she would have to stay in bed most of the time under strict care of her physician to bring a pregnancy to term, and require a cesarean section to give birth. We had three children together during our marriage, all of them natural births. The first was at an outpatient clinic; we arrived within 30 minutes or so of her giving birth and left and went back home within an hour or two with the baby. The other two were born at home with midwives. We had two daughters and one son, all beautiful babies that have grown to be healthy successful young adults.

There were and are many more, some even more dramatic to temporal perception, however the examples I have given above are repeated daily throughout the world. Most will not be heard of in the media, because they go against many of the popular beliefs on which our current political, economic and theological power bases have been built, and their belief that the status quo is the best way to help others. Those benefiting from this status quo are fearful for their quality of life and those things they consider as the source of their personal definition of it. It’s human nature and not due to any desire to harm or hurt others, in fact most of it is based on a sincere conviction of how it helps others, which proportionately it does, for those who either cannot, or are  not, ready to accept something not based in what their core beliefs have been since birth. However more and more top echelon physicians, clergy and sincere politicians worldwide are not only accepting but extolling the benefits of prayer and positive, loving, altruistic attitude and state of mind as a very tangible force in the healing process.  

Everyone has to enlighten themselves as they are ready in their own time. This site is for those willing to discipline their own thoughts, desires and what they choose to be conscious of to the betterment of mankind. One can accomplish this through witnessing truth, life and love in themselves and others to the point others feel it from within themselves and actions become more harmonious from the self government of each individual in their own time, rather than forced external influence. A quote from the NT of the King James Bible sums it up very well: (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds; Cor 10:4) Islam sums it up as complete submission to Allah, God. If we completely submit to Love, Truth and Life, and really practice those principles, we would have complete harmony. Judaism sums it up in the OT of the KJ version of the Bible in Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.”  Atheism or agnosticism would define it as trust, integrity, compassion for others, respect and obedience to laws that protect from murder, theft, assault, fraud, perjury, deception and a coming together in hearts and minds of the commonalities we all share, over perpetual conflict and destruction from envy, selfishness and/or fear.

It is not the names and labels; it is the Principle behind the names, teachings and examples that is God. There really is Only One Realm, the realm of the universal consciousness of the mind of God. From the NT KJV “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:” (Philippians 5) That which appears to be “evil” or temporal is only the absence of the acknowledgement of God or the Truth; the lies that we all collectively accept as our own specific versions of; selfishness, hate, fear, envy, prejudice, bigotry, indifference, limitation, etc., until they are proven to be lies. Once a lie is exposed its false conviction of substance disappears.

I absolutely respect the rights of each individual, including myself, to their own beliefs and values, as long as they don’t act on them in a way that knowingly harms others, and are sincerely trying to change those beliefs of harming others. I present my experiences in hopes that others who have had similar demonstrations, or would like to, will join me in a block of influence to help others consider different and hopefully more positive outcomes within the temporal environment we all seem to exist in. 

I am not Rastafarian by the way, however like most faiths and philosophies we have many positive aspects in common, such as Love and the desire to know Truth and understand Life. Like most theologies Rastafari has different sects, this particular group is based more on spirituality, knowledge and love.
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