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This site is about becoming involved in an organization you can become a shareholder and/or employee and/ or vendor of, as well as a customer or supporter.

Could you use residual income?

Would you like to build a career in an organization in which you are a stakeholder?

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Contact us at;

We will pay you 10% of the sold price** of every shirt we sell with your design on it. The shirts are only the beginning.

Only One will also donate a portion of each sale to vetted organizations helping others to help themselves.

(See Purchases, Funding)
**Sold price does not include tax or shipping

We are building an organization from the ground up to help develop the world, starting in the United States. It will be based on self determination and the generic application of the Golden Rule, or the basic foundation of treating others as you would like to be treated.

Do you like the idea of generating funds for veterans, children and any other verifiable causes or investments, that create jobs and training, and help improve the lives and the planet we all share?

We all exist in the one realm of the Prime Principle, most of us label as God, by whatever name our cultures have evolved. Others, who don't believe in a deity, call it existence,integrity and compassion.

We all experience it as Life, Truth and Love in our daily lives. 

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